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I Have No Idea How to Find A Job 

Some thoughts you may be having if you a recent graduate or soon to be graduate. 

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Resume Resources


Free Resume Builder

There are countless resume builders but one we have found for free for 6 months if you are a student is Kickresume.

Free Resume Optimizer 

Compare your resume to the job posting and get a quick analysis to see how your resume stacks up to the job description. 

Free Resume Examples

Enhance CV has a great list of examples for some creative inspiration when crafting your resume.

Internship Resources


Internship Guide

If you don't know much about internships then check out this post here that does a good job covering them. 

Internship Rankings

The Vault has a comprehensive list of rankings for internships and other lists. They offer free & paid services. If you are a student, your school might provide you this resource for free. 

Internship Ideas

WayUp has a list of internship programs ranked by their own metrics. This list is free and can be a good place for inspiration when searching. 

Our Favorite Classic Business Books

Just a few of our favorite classic business books. We could make a list of 100 here but we will keep it short and sweet. Note - if you end up clicking on a book and purchasing one we will receive a small commission. If you don't want to spend the money we encourage you to go to your local library. 

Our Favorite Books on Sales

We have a lot of experience in sales and these are a few of our favorites. If you have to pick just one we recommend the Challenger Sale as many organizations have incorporated it in to their professional sales training. 

Our Favorite Books on Having The Right Attitude 

Having the right attitude sounds simple but it isn't always easy. Some of our favorite books that can help you see the world and your attitude from a different perspective.